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<dd>So I'm writing my first journal entry, huh? Well, since I'm riled up on it, tonight's subject is abortion.

<dd>So I was reading through the comments on Abortion by Jaxtus8a6, and I was shocked by the number of ignorant "Women's Rights" responses it gained.

<dd>Things like, "Abortion is the choice of she who wants it. They can murder if they want." and "Whatever the case be, it's still a woman's choice in my eyes, and a man should never tell a woman what to do with her body." and "as you're not a woman, you don't really have the right to give an opinion on this issue."

<dd>What the fuck? When the hell did women become the supreme race?

<dd>A little over two years ago I found out my girlfriend was pregnant. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. So I spent the next week thinking, "I'm going to be a daddy! I'm going to be a daddy!" Another week passes and she saunters up and proceeds to tell me that she has gone and had an abortion.

<dd>She didn't bother mentioning it, much less asking for my opinion. She just went out and killed my child.

<dd>Contrary to the sexist views of people [particularly females], there ARE men who want to be a father. What gives women the right to go out and have an abortion without even warning the father?

<dd>Needless to say I have become Pro-Life, except in cases where the mother is a raped minor, or if the pregnancy is life-threatening to the mother.

<dd>So I ask you. Who the fuck gave women the right to go out and kill the children of decent men?

EDIT! June 6, 2006.

<dd>Okay, I flipped out last night, but I won't take back what I said. Instead, I'll translate it into something a little more coherrent.

<dd>I know from experience what it is like to be on top of the world, waiting to share that throne with a life that I help to create, and any other decent father will feel the same way.

<dd>However, it is ludicrous for women to constantly use the, 'My body, my rules' excuse. If she didn't want to be a mother, it's her fault she didn't have the common sense to take birth control while having sex. Her irresponsibility should not be corrected with the blood of another, whether it be family, friends, the father, or the child itself.

<dd>Even in the case of rape, hospitals provide day-after pills to prevent pregnancy. If she does not have the common sense to take those pills, she does not have the right to decide the ending of a life when she is only half of the creator. If she does not want to take responsibility for the child, there is no reason she can't allow the father to gain custody or otherwise place the child for adoption.

<dd>It is simply wrong to think that a uterus makes a woman a superior being who can choose to kill children at her whim. It is as wrong as saying a man has the right to rape a woman because he is aroused.

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